Radio & Records Rock

1994 Year-End Chart
1 Stone Temple Pilots  Interstate Love Song
2 Collective Soul  Shine
3 Pink Floyd  Keep Talking
4 Soundgarden  Black Hole Sun
5 Alice In Chains  No Excuses
6 Stone Temple Pilots  Vasoline
7 Meat Puppets  Backwater
8 Candlebox  Far Behind
9 Stone Temple Pilots  Big Empty
10 Pearl Jam  Dissident
11 Soundgarden  Spoonman
12 Live  Selling The Drama
13 Cracker  Low
14 Pink Floyd  Take It Back
15 Toad The Wet Sprocket  Fall Down
16 Nirvana  All Apologies
17 Alice In Chains  I Stay Away
18 Hootie & The Blowfish  Hold My Hand
19 Counting Crows  Rain King
20 Aerosmith  Deuces Are Wild
21 Smashing Pumpkins  Disarm
22 Counting Crows  Mr. Jones
23 Rolling Stones  You Got Me Rocking
24 Counting Crows  Round Here
25 John Mellencamp  Wild Night
26 Rolling Stones  Love Is Strong
27 Allman Brothers Band  No One To Run With
28 Offspring  Come Out And Play
29 Soundgarden  Fell On Black Days
30 Brother Cane  Hard Act To Follow
31 Candlebox  You
32 Yes  The Calling
33 Peter Frampton  Day In The Sun
34 Green Day  Longview
35 Great White  Sail Away
36 Cracker  Get Off This
37 Eric Clapton  Tore Down
38 Pink Floyd  High Hopes
39 Pearl Jam  Elderly Woman Behind...
40 Stone Temple Pilots  Creep
41 Sammy Hagar  High Hopes
42 Spin Doctors  You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast
43 R.E.M.  What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
44 Green Day  Basket Case
45 Pink Floyd  What Do You Want From Me
46 Pearl Jam  Daughter
47 Pride & Glory  Losin' Your Mind
48 ZZ Top  Breakaway
49 Rush  Cold Fire
50 Pearl Jam  Yellow Ledbetter
51 Tesla  Mama's Fool
52 Gin Blossoms  Allison Road
53 Neil Young & Crazy Horse  Change Your Mind
54 Aerosmith  Crazy
55 Sass Jordan  High Road Easy
56 Jackyl  Push Comes To Shove
57 Rush  Nobody's Hero
58 Gin Blossoms  Found Out About You
59 Gilby Clarke  Cure Me...Or Kill Me
60 Collective Soul  Breathe
61 Pretenders  Night In My Veins
62 Cry Of Love  Bad Thing
63 Steve Perry  You Better Wait
64 Melissa Etheridge  Come To My Window
65 Live  I Alone
66 Fury In The Slaughterhouse  Every Generation Got Its Own Disease
67 Danzig  Mother
68 Cry Of Love  Too Cold In The Winter
69 Melissa Etheridge  All American Girl
70 Bruce Springsteen  Streets Of Philadelphia
71 ZZ Top  Pincushion
72 Barefoot Servants  Box Of Miracles
73 Smithereens  Miles From Nowhere
74 Pearl Jam  Animal
75 Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies  Ride The Tide
76 Boston  Walk On
77 Bonnie Raitt  Love Sneakin' Up On You
78 Pantera  Planet Caravan
79 Gods Child  Everybodys 1
80 Nirvana  About A Girl
81 Gary Hoey  Low Rider
82 Page & Plant  Gallows Pole
83 Scorpions  Under The Same Sun
84 Traffic  Here Comes A Man
85 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers  Mary Jane's Last Dance
86 Offspring  Self Esteem
87 Blind Melon  Tones Of Home
88 Boston  I Need Your Love
89 Eagles  Get Over It
90 John Mellencamp  Dance Naked
91 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers  Something In The Air
92 Motley Crue  Hooligan's Holiday
93 Ian Moore  Nothing
94 Jeff Beck & Seal  Manic Depression